Dear Readers and Readerettes, we present to you: The White Lady.

Not much is known about this female 19th century apparition, not even to her teammates (with exception of Cross, of course). Your initial feelings, your gut instincts, serve you well however. You will be seeing a lot more of her, though you may not like what you see…

From all of us at Terminals, we wish you all a happy and safe holidays, and thank you so much for joining us on this journey. We’ll see you the same bat-time (same bat-channel) on Tuesday, and trust us, you don’t want to miss it. You might say you should be dying to read it. Or perhaps living to read it? Perhaps both.

And as usual, if you’ve got any Terminals questions, head on over to Ryan’s vyou profileand fire away; he’ll respond with a recorded video answer. And don’t forget theTerminals Facebook page.