This ought to shed a little insight on where these villains may be coming from…

Fun Fact: Lycan, the bearded baddie above, is not in any way related to the love-obsessed, infant-imprinting werewolves seen in the Twilight books. Not that I’ve read them or anything. But no, you will soon see this werewolf be everything but romantic.

Fun Fact #2: Kenneth Cross was inspired by Brian Dennehy in First Blood. That movie was awesome. I would love for John Rambo to show up in Terminals and take out everyone with a tin can full of gasoline and a pocket knife, but alas, copyrights.

We’re on the final lap to the conclusion of issue #3, folks, and damn do you not want to miss it. Big reveals! Drama! Suspense! Swear words! Pancakes! Take heed, take notice and take cover, for soon the shit will truly start to hit the big ‘ol proverbial fan.

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