I think Bear said it best: Worst tea party ever. So now we’ve got a renegade girl-ghoul on the go. Does she sell girl-ghoul cookies? I almost said girl-ghoul spookies, that’s how insane we are. It’s fitting that with the reveal of a more insightful Zombie in Terminals, he’s about to roll up his grungy sleeves here in Mystery Gang. But just how the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are the gang gonna get out of this barrel of pickles?

The first story arc of The Mystery Gang concludes next Thursday! But don’t fret, another chilling tale of suspense and talking animals in fezzes is right around the bend. Wait. Wasn’t that the theme song for Who’s The Boss, or am I losing my mind?

And don’t forget Terminals Tuesday! It’s a hot dang doozy.