Eva Gray was a lady. A troubled lady. Obsessed and delusional in love with a man named Casper, whom she had never met. Eva murdered his wife. During her incarceration at the Reinstadtler Asylum, she endured horrible abuse from her orderlies and the lead physician, Dr. Cross. Scared and alone, Eva reached out to the man she thought she loved, only to face once more the hard truth, pushing her past the brink of madness and into the arms of death. Her soul now a cursed entity of rage, she made her way up the Cross family line – bringing us to Kenneth Cross and the first successful test subjects of Project: Aquinas.

This concludes Letters From Eva. Thanks for all of your feedback, we’re really happy with how this turned out, and we’re glad you liked it.

Question: If you could explore another Terminals character, who/what would it be?