And then there were two. Wynn and Cross. I’m not saying it’s like Luke and the Emperor or anything, but I am saying there’s a young, blonde, pissed off dude chasing an old, evil, fearsome dude.

Question is, will this be the kill that puts Wynn over the edge? Or will he finally play the “hero”? Is he destined to become the villain like those before him, or can Wynn become something else?

There’s only five weeks left in Terminals… and anything can happen.

Also, a reminder! If you’re going to be at the Vancouver FanExpo next weekend (the 21, 22 of April) or the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo the week after that, be sure to find Ryan and Rove and pick up the first-edition issues #1 – #3, in print! Any leftover stock from the cons will be online for purchase.