“Surprise, you’re dead.”

Interesting title, no?

I didn’t want to do this, but the Penny Farthing Press’ legal team is insisting on it.

Please discontinue reading Terminals if you posses one or any of the following symptoms immediately after visual consumption of pages:

Tingling in the extremeties, tingling in the third appendage, wall-eye, cotton mouth, the perp nerps, shakes, shimmies, shammies, swammies, swansons, samsonites, heebie jeebies, feeble weebles, badonkadonks, squims and squams, spontaneous grey hairs, kool aid discharge, the cheddar sweats, hardening of the toenails, the swallers, vocal dumps, hoots, hollers, the whosits, the whatsits, ringworm, reverse diarrhea, pupil polyps, dreams where your teeth fall out, eraser shaving cravings, the flip flops and last but not certainly not least, head cheese.

We hope you enjoy issue #4; we may be trying some different things out with this issue, so stay tuned for any updates.