Can somebody say cat fight? Just wait until Monday when Swarm brings out the blow up kiddie pool and maple syrup.

We’re moving forward now, dear readers. You’ve been privy to the past on-goings of Project: Aquinas, the para-human program. The inception-esque flashbacks are done (for now) and Bullit’s gonna throw his shirt back on (boo).

So buckle up, tuck in your socks, shotgun a couple hundred mL’s of Pepto, change your answering machine message, set your email auto-responder, leave the bag of dog food open, sign that will that’s been collecting dust on that old JC Penny catalogue, turn the outside water pipes off, repent, sign that organ donor card, pack an extra dose of Mylanta and hold on to your meat handles, because the fun hasn’t even begun to begin.

No, the fun comes with 5 easy payments of $49.99.