Terminals takes place in our reality, in our time. We are bound to our laws of physics and our societal norms. Everything is as you know it.

Since the tail-end of World War II, under orders and supervision of the American Defense Agency, a group of scientists have worked to create the world’s first superheroes. Over 50 years later, the program is successful. In an unexpected twist-of-fate, this inaugural team becomes the world’s first super-villains instead.

With the safety of countless people in the hands of the most dangerous people alive, one more team is created to stop them… but not without a contingency plan.

Terminals is an original comic book series created by Trevor “Rove” Jameus and Ryan Ferrier.


Like all sincere concepts, the idea for Terminals came to Rove and Ryan one night over sushi and ice-cold Asahi. The seed that started it, an innocent question – if our government could outfit volunteers with super-powers, would you do it?

The answer: a resounding YES. The two of them dreamt and drank this idea down, spouting off traditional powers and abilities like flight and invisibility. Like a certain snack, you see, when it comes to super-powers it’s hard to pick just one. Then something happened, and the duo began to explore this question on a more literal plane. What would really happen? The person given flight would no doubt crash land the very first time they flew, breaking every bone in their body. The person with the robotic, repulsor-blasting arm would no doubt become depressed and suicidal post-enhancement, using the very technology meant to save humanity to take his own life.

The seed grew and grew, until eventually Terminals came to be. It’s equal parts homage and dissection. Exploitative and original. Darkly funny and intimately reflective.

Terminals is a labor of love, or as we like to call it, “The Breakfast Club meets X-Men, with a generous dash of David Cronenberg and a sailor’s mouth”.

We thank you for reading and hope you enjoy.